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Lore Trials Location Trials Legend Trials
The Washburn Girl The Kumeyaay Esteban Ravelo
The Phantom Bells Lottery Numbers Rosa Maria Leon
The Ghost Ship About Gold Ignacio Souza
The Bast Curse Extended Family (Feral Cats) Jorge Ravelo
Apacheland Movie Ranch Jacob Waltz: The Dutchman David Ravelo
An Orderly Hanging George Hunt: Mr. Governor Penelope Ravelo
Getting in Touch Send Help Doris Ravelo
The OK Corral This Room is Haunted Daniel Ravelo
Billy the Kid Silver!  Maurice Arroyo  
Prettiest Cowboy Branding Cattle Christopher Freemont
Party Girls at the Driskill Remember the Alamo Oliver Souza
La Llorona Visit the Departed Anne Ravelo
Jean LaFitte Have a Drink Victor Garcia


Location Trials + Bonus Points:

- At each location trial (#4 and beyond), there are 2 BONUS ACTIVITES

- 1 Smarts Bonus Actvity (earn 5 bonus smarts points) + 1 Tough Bonus Activity (earn 5 bonus tough points)

- The activities are site-related, but not specific

- If your family successfully completes the basic location trial (by going there, having an agent going there, calling the place, or getting the answer from another family), anyone else in your family can perform the bonus activities anywhere else.

- Instructions about how to deliver bonus activities to receive the bonus points are included in each trial's individual page.

- If your family spends tough or smarts points on a new lawn game, they select which location game the new lawn game is in liue of. Your family is no longer eligible for the associated bonus activities/points.



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