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Lawn Games for Life

RIP: Anna Ravelo (1922-2006)

Hola familia. ¡Como les extraño! I recently received an email from XtraVa asking how the rest is . . .

I've been in Heaven a whole month now and - honestly - it's SO BORING. We have a very weak and erratic internet connection. Furthermore, there is no lawn and not nearly enough of you to get a good game going. (But don't die just yet, ok?) I really miss earth - I knew it so and did it so well. I'm going to have to make up "cloud games for death" or something. Don't worry: I'll adapt. Hmmmm. I wonder if boredom is what drives folks to get into the haunting business. Around here, folks who haunt are comprable to the folks down there who watch a lot of TV. They're harmless - neither respected nor disrespected. They sort of just "are."

I am with all of you in spirit. I hope that everyone is doing their part to keep the family spirit alive. Don't forget to say please and thanks and of course to share. It's sometimes hard around the holidays to feel cozy family feelings - there's a lot of work, family politics erupt, etcetera. But it really is a wonderful time of the year. And it will be an even better time of the year if you guys collaborate as family units to recover my heirloom.

Keep an eye out for some travel suggestions from me - have you ever taken a vaction in the town where you live? You're no Souza, Ravelo, Freemont, Williams, or Garcia relative of mine if you can't figure out a way to capture the spirit of surfing in the mountains and shoeshoeing in the ocean. I'll give you some tips soon.

In the meantime, how do my hair and nails look? I've got a birthday coming up! Try to keep track of me - I'll keep you posted.



The Challenge: Locate and retrieve our family heirloom, the FOUNTAIN OF TRUTH.

The Process: Gamelike in spirit, but critically important for the future of our families. Complete TRIALS of smarts, loyalty, and toughness to learn how to locate and retrieve the heirloom. Work together as a family. The Family with the most smarts, loyalty, and toughness gets something extra special.

This is the lawngame of my life!! I wish so much that I could watch all of you play it! My darling neice, Taylor, is going to graciously stand in for me in hosting the game. (You all owe her immense gratitude because if she had not honored my requests, the family secret would have been lost forever).


  • Ravelo
  • Garcia
  • Souza
  • Freemont / Williams


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