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The OK Corral

Lore Trial #8

Freemonts, did you know that your family had an important role in the "Old West?" Your grandmother used to tell me stories about growing up in Arizona. One of the most infamous streets in one of the most infamous towns in Arizona was named after her father: Freemont Street, where the shootout at the OK Corral went down. Yes, indeedey - the Freemonts were a "hearty stock" as they say. They carried a lot of weight around the old cowboy towns and they owned a lot of cattle.

Some Freemonts were in Tombstone - including Grandmother Freemont - on that fateful day in October 1881. They'd united in town to celebrate a wedding and enjoy some time getting to know the bride's family. But instead of throwing bouquets and rice, shots were thrown. 25 shots in 30 seconds! Three of the rowdy cowboys escaped the shootout and fled to an old boarding house in an almost equally rowdy town nearby. There, they cavorted with miners and such.

Each of the men involved in the shootout had their own special weapon which they would rotate towards a certain direction just before shooting, for good luck. Some might call it a coincidence, but rotating each man's pistol "just so" in its special lucky direction and lining all of them up in 3 rows like back in Tombstone reveals where Billy Claiborne, Wes Fuller, and Ike Clanton ran off to.

Little did those cowboys know, but their refuge would soon become a dangerous place as well, overrun by vengeful, psychotic murderers and embittered ghosts.


Wyatt Earp rotated his weapon east
Morgan Earp rotated his weapon east
Virgil Earp rotated his weapon south
Doc Holiday rotated his weapon south
Billy Claiborne rotated his weapon east
Wes Fuller rotated his weapon west
Frank McLaury rotated his weapon east
Tom McLaury rotated his weapon west
Billy Clanton roatated his weapon west
Ike Clanton rotated his weapon west

1st family: 15 points
2nd family: 10 points
3rd family: 8 points
4th family: 5 points




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