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The Ghost Ship

Lore Trial #3

Most of our family are from Spain by way of Mexico. Sometimes it's a little embarrassing how much damage our "people" did to these areas' native peoples and ecosystems. The areas that remain formidable, though (and which consequently have fascinated me more than any other throughout my career) are the desert regions.

There is one old desert story that my good friend and Oliver's father, Ignacio Souza, used to tell that I loved for its poignant combination of themes: conquest, our living planet, and of course ghosts.

This old Spanish explorer was so greedy that, after conning some very hospitable Indians out of their fancy pearls and learning their secrets for capturing the special mollusks, ordered his crew to postpone their return trip back to Spain where all their families lived. Instead, they toured the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Baja, harvesting pearls.

Obviously, this all occurred centuries ago. Back then, according to a geologist friend of mine, the Colorado River was a lot further west than it is now (something about the earth's plates, the San Andreas fault, a major earthquake, etc. is how he explains the eastward shift of the riverbed, but I think it was Gaia's punishment for conning the Indian and mistreating the mollusks).

Regardless of the logical attempts to explain what happened, what happened next in Ignacio's story is that the Spanish ship eventually found its way up further and further inland, delighting in their earthly plunder. Their luck ended, however, when the were suddenly trapped in an inland sea that was quickly drying out and converting to desert. The sailors and explorers perished in the desert, still on board their landlocked ship and vanquished by the desert heat, cold, and drought. Greedy to the end, even when they could have sailed away in death, they remain in the desert, protecting their treasures.

To this day, adventurous desert hikers report sightings of the elusive Spanish treasure ship. A few months before he died, Ignacio claimed that he'd actually boarded the ship during one of his desert treks. But he left the treasure there, he said, because he knew I'd be upset to have those pearls - those mollusk's ghosts - in my surroundings.

I know this is a little off-topic, Taylor, but I really miss Ignacio. He was one of the people who helped me best utilize the "fountain of truth." Well, by now since this Trial has been released, I am with him. I am sure that you miss me (at least you'd better!), but I'm very thankful to be with Ignacio again.


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