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Location Trial #3

When I was an adjunct at UCSD, I would sometimes take long drives out on CA-78 to think about grant applications, new research topics and syllabi. This particular destination was one of my favorites because it was so QUIET here where is had been so NOT quiet when it was an active mine. These days, though, the area is overrun with ATVs and the trail has been closed down. One thing I regret is never taking the time to learn about the Gold that was found there.

I must have walked by the information kiosk dozens of times, but I was so intent on downplaying the fact that this was a place of spoil since it offered me so much peace. But now I know that gold mining need not be a thing of spoilage. Gold emplyed people, brought people adventure and joy, and is one of Gaia's jewels.

Family - please revisit this contemplative place for me. Photograph the information sheets and send to your photos Taylor via email.
Garcias, photograph the GOLD may save your life page.
Ravelos, photograph the CONQUERING SPACE page.
Williams and Freemonts, photograph the PROVIDING maximum safety page.
Souzas, photograph the PROCESS how gold is produced page.

And go ahead and take a sheet or two while you're there - you might need them later.

Aunt Anna



NB: The easiest way to complete this trial is to visit (or have a trusted family member visit) the location referred to in the solution to the Lore Trial About the Ghost Ship


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