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Lottery Numbers

Location Trial #2

The area where the Slough is now was a lot different when I was a little girl. Only in the last several years did it become one of my favorite places in San Diego.

One day I was walking down to the beach when a bird down in the slough caught my eye. I turned off of PL and walked down the street to investigate. That little bird was staring me down! I swear that he was performing some sort of ancient hypnosis on me. Afterall, I ended up playing the lottery that day! That remains the only time I've ever played the lottery.

Now, once this bird stopped giving me the evil eye, he turned to some feeders on a balcony of a nearby apartment building. His gaze was the visual incarnation of what my ears were doing - cueing in to the windchimes on the same balcony that were bing bing binging viloently due to the high hurricane wind.

I noticed a column of 6 numbers, 2 of one number, 2 of a second number, and 2 of a third number. My first thought was "Papa hated numbers" and my second thought was "Anna, play the lottery today." I played one each of each of the three numbers. And I won a few hundred dollars!

I wish that I could remember those lucky numbers. If you by chance stumble across them, be sure togive them to Taylor. Lord knows that that girl needs luck.


NB: The easiest way to complete this trial is to visit (or have a trusted family member visit) the location referred to in the solution to the Lore Trial about the Phantom Bells.


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