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Rosa Maria Leon

Legend Trial #2

My mother was so beautiful - you would have really loved her, Taylor. She reigned as a local Mexican beauty queen from the 1930's through the 1940's (I always thought it was so funny that San Diego celebrated her beauty as a Mexican since her more unique features were surely the product of our Indian heritage).

But your great grandmother was not only a person of beauty - resourceful, assertive, matriarchal, and intelligent, she was a lot like her grandfather's tribeswomen.

I have written one poem in my life and it was inspired by mother's death and buried with her at the funeral. Looking over the words now, I am thankful to have not pursued the life of a poet, but I would like to share the verses with you. Each syllable is imbued with relevance to the secrets behind my mother's ways.


My Great Grandfather, the Infamous Chiricauan
By Anna Ravelo
Dedicated to mother (1892-1953)

Sisters! Brothers!
We are related to
A famous Chiricauan.
Named Geronimo.

Though I never met him,
Rosa Maria Leon -
Or, “our mother” -
Heard and told many tales.

Apache grandfather,
Also known as her mother’s father,
Had loved wife and baby
So much

Even though they were
Spanish white.
He believed in Earth’s people.
And he vowed to honor
My grandmother and mother always.

Even though he never met
My mom
Or saw grandma again,
They both swore they could feel him here and
There when they were lonely, like
A coyote.

Anglos, Indians, Latins
Might never
Mom loved


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