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Penelope Ravelo

Legend Trial #6

Penelope Ravelo, RIP (1927 - 1946)

Even though Penelope and Doris were identical twins, Penelope somehow had all the looks and grace.

Really. She did.

Penelope was also a wonderful actress and had Hollywood dreams that were eclipsed only by her daredevil streak. Skydiving.

As the “pretty” sister, Penelope circulated through boyfriend after boyfriend but she never seemed to like any of them more than acting. Ditto for skydiving. Doris and I used to press Penelope for juicy details about her dates with Samuel or Alfred or William or Charles or whomever her latest beau was. But Penelope’s attention always waned from the boys as she dashed around between rehearsals and her job at the diner where she worked to save up money to help support her real passion.

I was envious of Doris’ and Penelope’s twin relationship because they were identical and polar at the same time and always understood each other’s eccentric ways. Twins. Opposites. Friends.

As for me. Well, I was their big sister, no matter how hard I tried to fit in with them as an adopted additional twin or a friend, and from time to time I felt alienated. Lonely.

Alienating me was definitely not their intention, though, because they actually loved to hang out with me. I was just longing for the ideal kind of relationship that they seemed to have and probably would have felt uncomfortable even if I’d had it. Penelope was actually more of an outsider than I, what with her inexplicable attraction to activities that even our brothers would never have the cajones to pursue.

Parachutes. Now that I think about it, I think I understand Penelope's attraction to them and the appeal of their fabric and their fall and their free-but-still-tethered-and-restricted nature.

Penelope’s body was well-suited for both parachuting and acting. Long legs. Short stature.

What a beauty! Penelope knew that she was beautiful but she didn’t care about her looks except for when she had to look a certain way for a stage role. Still, acting always took the backseat to skydiving where nobody could tell what her complexion or hair looked like when she was falling from the sky.

Falling. Free.

Penelope kept a framed photograph of a woman that I didn’t know on her dresser. An homage. The woman must have been either a famous jumper or a famous actress or a famous someone from one of those two wakes of life. Also a beauty.

Penelope’s life was short-lived but lived fully with the sort of lasting longevity provided by a a contagious attitude of excitement and happiness and freedom and few regrets. And a heroine. I know it sounds crazy, and nothing is really gained from speculation about the matter, but I can’t help shake the feeling that maybe Penelope liked girls and maybe she had a collegiate respect as well as physical crush on that woman in the photograph.


1st family: 15 points
2nd family: 13 points
3rd family: 11 points
4th family: 9 points




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