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Ignacio Souza

Legend Trial #3

Taylor! I have a confession to make. "Uncle" Ignacio (who was actually something more like a 2nd cousin twice removed, by marriage to you) and I were married for a little over 10 years. I don't know why we were so secretive about it - I suppose we liked the excitement of hiding it from the family. I wanted to quiet all the rumors for so long, especially after Ignacio died, but I was so embarrassed and well - once you've told a lie the longer you wait to correct it, the harder it is.

Ignacio and I met through John who married my darling niece Luisa (your 1st cousin once removed, great Uncle Jorge's little girl). Luisa and I were always very close. When she and her husband settled in Pine Valley, I spent a lot of time visiting them on my way to the Sunset Highway. Shortly after John and Luisa moved to Pine Valley, John's mother passed away, and so he moved his father to California from Tijuana. That was a difficult time for Ignacio - a foreign land and the passing of his spouse.

I took to inviting Ignacio along for my little hikes. Our first kiss happened sort of accidentally while we were laughing at a precocious little bird. Two weeks later, we stole away to City Hall and were married! One of our favorite passtimes was making little wildlife videos during our hikes.

I moved to Ocotillo largely to be closer to Ignacio. When John took over Major's Diner, I helped out a lot with the redecorating and bookkeeping until Madeline was in school full time. It was so exciting to be working shoulder to shoulder with Ignacio, my neice's father-in-law and my secret husband.

We had planned on telling everyone during the summer of 1984 - our 10 year anniversary! But Ignacio fell ill and we never got around to it. Poor dear - biologically, he was only nine and a half years older than me but his body had been worked over by years of hard railyard labor. At least he had a lovely retirement! I wish that he could have lived a little longer, though. We could have posted those little wildlife videos on Youtube - Ignacio would have really liked that.

I really missed Ignacio. After he died, everytime I heard the sounds of a train, my eyes would well up with tears. He had so many wonderful stories about his brief carreer as a conductor and laying track. He could impersonate the sound of a train so well and did so often, do my delight and that of all of the family children - do you remember that? Sometimes at night I would even pick up the phone and dial his telephone number, out of habit. My darling Ignacio!

I had the silliest nickname for him! Taylor, I wanted so much to share my secret with you, but thought it unfair to ask a child to keep a secret. As a compromise with myself, I used to tell you stories about Ignacio, but I disguised them as children's tales. I always referred to him by his nickname. Do you remember that I told you I was in love with the hero in your bedtime stories? It was true! Can you remember the nickname that I used?



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