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David Ravelo

Legend Trial #5

David Ravelo, RIP (1920 - 1965)


My brother, David, was the first one in the family to take
advantage of living in San Diego. Even though it took him
until the end of his life to get started, he was an excellent
surfer nonetheless! He’d paddle out, hop on his longboard (a
custom made beauty), catch every other wave, and ride it in
to the beach where he’d end with an pretend embellished fall
and a silly flourish. I miss David most at Christmastime. He
and Gloria alternated holidays: one year with us in San Di-
ego and the next Gloria’s hometown with her family. Who’d
imagine that David would die “Hanging 10” for his sandcrab
in-laws on Christmas day! At least he died while doing some-
thing that he loved. I hope he caught good waves that day, you
know? Where did David die?



1st family: 20 points
2nd family: 15 points
3rd family: 13 points
4th family: 11 points




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